yBaby offers a service for all men and women wishing to start a family, whatever the reason. At yBaby, romance is left up to the individual. You can choose to find your lifelong partner or simply choose to co-parent with a like-minded single individual without the trouble of worrying about romance.

At yBaby, we offer two options for potential members.

  1. First off, yBaby offers you the ability to find a partner if you are leaning more toward a romantic coupling and have children inside a traditional relationship. This avenue allows you to know whoever you choose is seriously interested in having children. Just to mention one example, it could be a woman whose biological clock is quickly running out of time. Our service can help remove the questions that are not usually answered early in a relationship.
  2. Secondly yBaby offers our members the ability to match up with someone that fits their criteria who is willing to to co-parent without a romantic relationship. In some cases, you just want a baby and are looking for an individual with like minded ideas, or possibly either one or both already have children.

    yBaby's algorithms are designed to create a mental picture of an individual's psychological makeup as well as their values. As long as you are a member in good standing and still looking, when new members join whose profile matches your criteria, you will be alerted.